Quotes about Racial Equity:

Councilmember Quincy did not respond to our attempts to contact him for survey or interview.

John Quincy, along with his wife Anne of 32 years and sons Sam and Joe, are proud to call Minneapolis home since 1994. As a family, they have dedicated themselves to improving the lives of others through a variety of community-based organizations and experiences. Anne is a supervising attorney for Minneapolis Legal Aid. Sam is currently a middle school Social Studies teacher for Minneapolis Public Schools and Joe recently completed his degree from the University of Minnesota, with a degree in food sciences and is working on local urban organic farms.

John serves as Chair of the Ways and Means Committee, Claims (Vice Chair), Community Development, Committee of the Whole, Elections, and Intergovernmental Relations committees. In addition, he serves as a Board Member for the I-35 Alliance Committee, Meet Minneapolis, Joint City County Lead Task Force, the Noise Oversight Committee, Youth Coordinating Board, and Heading Home Hennepin.

Prior to his 2009 election to the City Council, Quincy was a marketing services consultant - providing market research, database, and communications services. He was previously Director of Marketing Services for a Lakewood Publications/Nielsen Business Media in Minneapolis. Prior to moving to Minneapolis, John worked for the American Marketing Association in Chicago in numerous capacities including the Director of Periodical Publishing and as AMA’s Director of Conferences and Exhibits.