How does the city need to change?


1. Conduct an Honest Self- Assessment of Where It Stands

In the survey we conducted of city  department heads and their deputies, a major point of frustration was the push for action without a full assessment of what policies currently reinforce the mechanisms that allow for disparities to exist and worsen.

2. Create mandatory education that trains staff in the realities of institutional racism and helps them understand how they can work to dismantle it. 

3.  Finish and Implement the Racial Equity Toolkit

4. Establish and Use Hiring Practices that use a Racial Equity Lens

  • Use name-blind hiring practices
  • Remove educational barriers for positions where formal education isn't needed

5.     Require mandatory cultural competency training for both leadership and staff

6.    Allocate Appropriate Resources to Move Racial Equity Work in the City

  • Fully fund and staff the Office of Equity & Inclusion

  • Increase funding/staffing for the Promise Zones programs

7.     Create a City Budget that clearly reflects equity goals